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I am committed to making sure our community works for everyone. That's why, if re-elected, I will prioritize investing in supporting working families, addressing the climate emergency, and making alternative transportation more accessible and easy to use. I am dedicated to creating a more equitable community for all. Together, we can make our community a place where everyone can thrive.

Affordability and Support
for Working Families

I understand that the rising costs of housing, basic necessities, and childcare, combined with stagnant wages, are straining the budgets of working families across our community. That's why I am committed to investing in:

  • Housing affordability initiatives including addressing missing middle housing

  • Expanding access to quality childcare options

  • Supporting small businesses

  • Providing workforce development programs that help our residents gain the skills they need to compete in the modern economy

  • More resources and solutions for people experiencing homelessness. 


Let's build a Fort Collins for all residents so everyone can enjoy the wonderful city we live in, together. I am dedicated to reducing the squeeze on working families and creating a more equitable community for all. 

Climate Emergency

We have a moral obligation to act on climate change and protect our planet for future generations. I recognize the urgent need to:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

  • Increase renewable electricity,

  • Promote sustainability in all aspects of our lives


I will work to:

  • Move towards the electrification of homes

  • Improve home insulation to reduce our carbon footprint

  • Reduce net in-migration to the city 

  • Make progress towards 15-minute communities to reduce vehicle travel

  • Protect our natural areas and Poudre river 

I believe in the sharing economy and waste diversion, and will work to promote composting and water efficiency in buildings and landscaping. By taking bold action on climate, we can create a more sustainable and resilient community that works for everyone. Together, we can build a future that we can all be proud of, one that is marked by a commitment to sustainability, equity, and social justice.

Make the Transportation Switch

A strong and accessible transit system is critical to the success of our community. Over the past four years, I have laid the foundation for building out our transit system, with the adoption of plans and funding to make it a reality. Now, we need to focus on how to encourage more frequent use of transit outside of the vehicle including:

  • Making e-bikes more accessible

  • Creating better safe routes to school

  • Keeping our bus system fare free

  • Accelerating bus rapid transit on N. College and W. Elizabeth

  • Better east/west connection


By investing in our transit system and promoting alternative transportation options like bicycles, buses, walking, and rolling, while also making sure that our routes are safe and accessible. Together, we can make our transit system a source of pride and strength for our community.

Woman with Bicycle
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